Wrestling Hosts Continental Educator Course in Morocco

By United World Wrestling Press

EL JADIDA, Morocco (March 24) -- United World Wrestling's continental educator course, organized by UWW Africa, Royal Morocco Wrestling Federation and UWW Development Department, was held March 9-11 in El Jadida, Morocco.

The course took place at the UWW continental training center with the participation of four high-level coaches and a referee under the expertise of Vincent AKA, UWW Development Officer and Master Educator.

The course proved to be a great success and will allow newly certified educators to deliver courses throughout a continent that is in great need of refereeing and coaching development. 

Kamel BOUAZIZ (TUN), Akuh PURITY (NGR), Christian DANGA (CAF), Juan Maren DELIS (CUB), and Alexis RODRIGUEZ (CUB) participated in the course, which focused on various areas of teaching elements while providing practical expertise in the delivery of wrestling education.

The program was divided into three intense working days for the participants in theoretical and practical session. On the final day, Moroccan referees and coaches attended a group session where the educators delivered the elements learned the previous days.

"I highly appreciate the format and this new approach of teaching that will empower the participants practical and methodological knowledge while constantly self-reflecting on the key areas linked to their expertise," said Bouaziz. "I am sure this new format will highly contribute to the development of our sport on the continent that is in high need and demand.

Akuh reflected on the knowledge he gained from the course and how he can help others.

"Through the period of this course I have been taught to observe carefully, listen to questions, discover what interests coaches and officials, and then provide them with opportunity to explore," said Akuh. "I have acquired more knowledge, learned new methods and skills of development. The educator course thought me that leadership is having passion to serve and make others grow.

UWW Development Director Deqa NIAMKEY provided updates on the UWW Development programs and the process of delivery of the courses.

"I am very happy that this course took place despite the current global challenge," said Niamkey. "The African continent requires great assistance in the education of wrestling content for many nations and in view of the Youth Olympic Games 2022, the newly certified educators will highly contribute to the growth of wrestling."

 UWW Africa President Fouad MESKOUT believes the course will help increase the number of Olympic wrestling nations on the continent. 

"The course has provided great expertise to the participants that will contribute to increasing the number of Olympic wrestling nations on the continent," said Meskout. "Currently most of our national federations practice traditional wrestling and the continent is overflowing with great talent. I am sure that in the coming years we will host more national courses while implementing the required educational pathway for our member federations that will show immediate results."